The Efes Ultra Marathon, which started to take place in 2017, is held every second week of March every year. Efes Ultra Marathon as the only race that includes six different tracks at 5K, 12K, 23K, 41K, 61K and 120K distances to provide experience for all sports enthusiasts; It is a field run that takes place in Ephesus Ancient City, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and on the paths of Ephesus Selcuk. It brings together athletes who love running sports at national and international levels, thanks to the promotional activities that continue throughout the year. The team that discovered the World Heritage with the Ephesus Ultra Marathon was the dream of three friends who came together in 2017. The journey of the Efes Ultra team started from that day on; With the courage, dedication and innovativeness understanding of a handful of people who do their job passionately, it has been sustained. The team, which has grown and developed with labor and has been able to be the harbinger of spring for years with March, organizes the Efes Ultra Marathon.


Covid-19 😷

Koronavirüs (Covid-19) salgını nedeniyle yüz yüze hizmetlerimiz bir sonraki duyuruya kadar kapalıdır. Uygunluğumuzla ilgili düzenli güncellemeler almak için aşağıdaki bültenimize abone olabilirsiniz.